My name is Guido Ekker, I am a passionate filmmaker based in Amsterdam. 
Wandering the space between fiction, documentary filmmaking and visual effects!
Graduated from The Netherlands Film Academy.
Currently working as VFX artist - Supervisor - Director at The Panics, Amsterdam.
I am closely involved in pre-production and concept development from the start of the commercial/film with previz and on-set VFX Supervision and/or supervision of post-production, overseeing shot delegation, sequences, planning and working directly on shots. 
Recent projects include, Liberty Global, Adidas, Dell, Citroen, Scania, LeasePlan. 

Continuing the journey to share knowledge, create something unique and pushing the boundaries of digital art and film.

Recognition & Awards
Ciclope 2019 - FINALIST - Shadowboxers
Sport Film festival Rotterdam 2020 - FINALIST - Shadowboxers
FICTS Milan 2019 - FINALIST - Shadowboxers

Shortcutz Amsterdam 2019 - Shortlist best editing - Shadowboxers
Shortlist CANNES 2019 - Liberty Global
ADCN 2019 - BEST CRAFT VFX - Liberty Global
NVX AWARD 2019 - Best Dutch VFX - Liberty Global
ProMaxBDA BRONZE - Best Use Of Animation - Liberty Global
NVX AWARD 2017 - Best Dutch VFX - LeasePlan
SXSW excellence of title design Finalist - 2017 - Panicroom 13
NVX AWARD 2015 - Best Dutch VFX - Sundays

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