DS commercial
My role was VFX supervisor and on-set VFX supervisor on this commercial. Shot in Montenegro for DS.
In post-production I oversaw a team of 12 talented VFX artist. Besides that I also worked hands-on.
Another task I had was creating the first draft of the edit. 
The main challenge was to create  an “electrically charged beast” to reflect the hybrid power and offroad talents of the new DS7 Crossback. 
The beast is created using a real horse as the main base. On set we dressed the horse with a light-rig on top of the head itself and additional tracking markers.
A combination of different softwares where used with a uncommon workflow where we used Maya for the main antlers, Houdini for the lightning and C4D for the energy. On top of that we had a fur simulation to create the manes of the beast.
Everything was shot during dawn and dusk, this way the lightning would visually be the most appealing, the environment on the other hand was quite dark.. In Post our team continuing on the extensive matte-painting extensions making also the backgrounds more appealing and matching the concept. 
Director: Mischa Rozema
Post Production: Post Panic
DOP: Jan David Gunther

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